You just need to get over it, you have many things here to be grateful for

I have been through many losses in the past nine years. My mom lost her battle with MS after a 19 year struggle 9 years ago, which also happened to be the same day my eldest daughter was born. Less than 2 years later, I lost my Dad after a short battle with melanoma. 2 years later I am struggling to recover from an abusive marriage and divorce. A little over a year ago I lost my brother unexpectedly after a brief illness, 5 months later my 21 year old nephew committed suicide. Now, less than a week ago, I lost my 97 year old grandfather, who I grew up being closer to than my own parents and I just having a very very difficult time. My current husband has had a hard time dealing with me while I am dealing with these losses, (he has been around for the last 3). It's almost like I feel guilty for having to keep going through this stuff. If I could change any of it, I would have all of these people back.

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