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Widow support groups are a place to be encouraged that you are not alone. It can be easy to become isolated from others after your spouse dies.

  • Others aren't sure what to say.
  • Your married friends act like being a widow could be contagious.
  • The feelings can be overwhelming and there it seems there is no one to talk to.
  • Others expect that you should not be so emotional by now.
  • Suddenly it becomes awkward to relate to your male friends as a single woman.
  • Now you are responsible for tasks that your partner used to take care of. You may not know where to start to get those things done.
  • Sometimes your friends cannot handle imagining what they would do if their spouse died. They avoid you to keep their worst fears from being triggered.
  • The loss of your spouse's income may leave you feeling panic about how you will support yourself or your family.
  • You ask yourself if you are going crazy when you can't remember simple things.
  • You wonder who can really understand what you are going through.
  • These are common experiences of widows.

    A support group can be part of your grief recovery plan. Sharing with others who identify with your experience can help normalize the confusing feelings. You may be able to find a support group in your community. Churches often have grief support groups that are especially for those who have lost a spouse.

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