The Worst Grief Quotes

Have you heard some really unhelpful grief quotes or comments since you began your grief journey?

Some examples may include:

“You’re young enough to have another child“ (or get another mate).

“I know exactly how you feel.”

"It could have been worse..."

Researchers explored the initial comments that most grievers hear immediately after a major loss.

They discovered that in the first 72 hours after a major loss the bereaved person will hear about 125 comments from mostly well-meaning people. About 92% of these comments are not helpful to the griever.

Many people will try to change the subject when the griever most needs to talk about their experience. Other comments will suggest one should try not to feel bad. These intellectual statements send the message to the hurting person that it is not okay to feel hurt, sad, angry, or upset after the loss of a loved one.

Examples of unhelpful comments and cliches include:

“Be thankful you have another daughter”

“He’s in a better place.”

“Be grateful you had him for as long as you did.”

“God must have needed another angel in heaven.”

“That’s not nearly as bad as when my mother died…” (i.e. comparing losses)

“It could have been worse…”

Tell us the worst things you have heard from others that didn't help your grieving heart.

Perhaps you have heard some other comments that felt insensitive or made you mad.

This is your opportunity to help educate the world about what is not helpful in a time of grief. Tell your story here.

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