Grief Coaching

What is Grief Coaching?

Grief Coaching is a specialty of life coaching which focuses on helping you complete the unfinished business surrounding your loss.

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This is an opportunity to explore your relationship with your lost loved one in a safe, supportive environment. In the coaching process, your coach will provide you with assignments designed for completing your grief.

Your coach will listen compassionately as you process the emotions surrounding bereavement. Your coach will help you get in touch with the experiences and emotions that are often avoided while trying to keep up with daily responsibilities.

What if my loss is not about a loved one,
but a job loss or home loss
or some other significant loss in my life?

If you are dealing with other types of loss, such as job loss or the loss of a home, etc. your Grief Recovery Coach will help you explore the meaning of this loss in your life.

The recovery process will include providing a safe space to talk about your loss and how it impacts you, your lifestyle and your identity today. Your coach will help you develop strategies to find happiness again in your current life situation.

How and where does
Grief Recovery Coaching take place?

You and your coach make contact over the phone or Skype for an agreed session time, usually 3-4 times per month. There is flexibility in that you can talk to your Grief Coach from anywhere in the world.

What experience does my Grief Coach have?

Debbra has a masters degree in clinical psychology and thousands of hours of clinical experience as licensed marriage and family therapist. In addition, she spent over twelve years as a church lay counselor and wellness coach successfully helping people heal their broken hearts and sick bodies.

In almost every difficulty in life there is an element of grief and loss. Debbra compassionately leads you to address the root causes of your heartbreak rather than only deal with the symptoms, so you can move into the fulfilling life you were destined for.

Because grief is not considered a "mental disorder" as described by the American Psychiatric Association's "Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders", Fourth Edition, it does not require "treatment" by a mental health professional. With specialized training in grief recovery (also available to lay counselors and hospice workers), your Grief Coach is prepared to help you take the next steps toward healing.



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How much does coaching cost?

The cost for coaching is comparable to the fees for counseling. Please inquire through our contact page.

How long does grief recovery coaching take?

The length of a coaching relationship depends on your needs and desires. You and your grief recovery coach will discuss your needs to create a plan that meets your needs.

What is the difference between grief recovery coaching
and grief counseling or grief therapy?

Check out this page to learn more about grief counseling versus grief therapy.