Grief Support Groups

Grief support groups can be a life-saver during your bereavement. Support groups provide an oasis when family members and friends around you don't know what to say or how to listen to your feelings. Participating in a support group is a way to avoid the isolation that is common after such a life-altering event when you lose someone you love.

Benefits of a Support Group

Hearing others express the feelings and symptoms associated with loss normalizes your experience of grief.

Others knowing how much they need a listening ear are more likely to listen, rather than change the subject when you talk about your experience.

The group comes together specifically to address loss related topics.

You can avoid isolation by participating in a group.

Types of Grief Support Groups

Support groups sometimes are organized around a specific type of loss, such as the loss of a child or the loss of a spouse or the loss of a pet.

Loss Specific Support Groups

Compassionate Friends that specifically provides support for families that have lost a child. They offer both an online forum as well as local chapters for meetings to support bereaved parents, siblings and grandparents when a family loses a child.

Another example of a loss specific support group is Rainbow Bridge providing support after the loss of a pet.

Online Support Groups

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In-Person Support Groups

Your local hospice organization may provide support groups. Do a search online for your city name and hospice to find contact information for your local area.

Other places to look for loss support groups include:

  • Hospitals
  • Funeral Homes
  • Churches / Places of Worship

  • In the Metro Detroit area I facilitate Grief Recovery Workshops that help participants take specific steps to bring completion to the pain around regrets and unfinished business that often occurs when someone dies.

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