How do you transform your grief into a life with renewed vision and purpose?

Dear Friend,

  • Have you wondered how long it will take to go through the stages of grief?
  • Are you hurting after losing a loved one – a spouse, a parent, a child, a pet?
  • Have you faced a major life transition and wonder how to move forward?
  • Do you feel like life is passing you by?
  • Have the months or years passed and you question whether you find happiness again?
  • Have you asked yourself, "Is what I'm feeling normal?"

Introducing the
Stages-of-Grief-Recovery Journey

Sept 22 - Dec 15, 2015

Your #1 resource for navigating life's losses and transitions to find hope and direction again.

At the end of this three-month coaching program you will be able to:

  understand the truth about grief and its role in recovery

✚  better appreciate your emotions and how to express and process them for optimal benefits

✚  identify and resolve painful memories associated with your loss

✚  release regrets

✚  make the most of your positive memories

✚  gain a greater sense of peace with your loss

✚  learn to adjust your life to the changes the loss has caused

✚  evaluate and begin to establish your new identity given your circumstances

✚  begin to explore vision for your life after loss

How much does it cost?

In this three-month coaching program you will be receiving all the best resources and materials I have developed in over 20 years of helping people heal their hearts.  I have invested tens of thousands of dollars in education and training to learn the most effective and efficient ways to help you heal after loss.

Here is what you will receive in the program:

3 individual coaching calls tailored to your needs

Online portal for lessons, handouts, videos, online journaling

Private encrypted communication with your coach

Private online forum to connect with other members of the program.

Three months of individually tailored grief recovery support along with online resources could easily cost:

($600 value)

($450 value)

($600 value)

($300 value)


However, as this is the first time I am offering this program, I am making it available for only $797.

Bonus offer:  Sign up by Sept 21 with the full-pay option and get two additional 45-minute private one-on-one coaching sessions during the program (A $250 value).

Or choose three convenient monthly payments of $297 each.

My name is Debbra Bronstad. I am a special kind of grief recovery coach who helps people process and complete their grief after recent and long ago losses such as:

  • Loss of a spouse through death or divorce
  • Death of a child
  • Job loss
  • Loss of a home due to move, divorce, fire, natural disaster or foreclosure
  • Pet loss
  • Loss of a parent
  • Loss of a grandparent
  • Life transitions
  • Relationship estrangement
  • Retirement
  • Loss of a community
  • Empty nest
  • Past losses
  • Other disappointments in life 

Do you want to stop crying every day?

Do you want to move beyond loss to having hope again?

Do you want to be free from guilt, regret and painful memories surrounding the past?

For over 20 years, first, as a church lay counselor, and now as a grief recovery coach and mental health professional, I have helped people move through painful experiences in life to enjoy greater peace, hope, and joy in their lives. 


Many of the people I have worked with are now leaders in their communities and help others move through difficult life circumstances, sharing their own journey from heartbreak to healing and renewed vision and purpose. 


For others, working through their journey to healing has allowed them to be more present as a partner, parent or grandparent who can listen patiently and empathize when their family members experience heartbreak.  They are making a difference for the next generation.


Some I have coached have gone from crying every day at work, to enjoying peace, remembering fond memories without being hijacked by guilt and regret.


Most grow deeper in their spiritual walk with God as they get honest about their anger, pain, bewilderment, confusion and need during a season of sorrow.

Do you want freedom to REMEMBER your loved one without being hijacked by guilt, regret or overwhelming pain and sorrow?

7 Keys to Recovery

In the Stages-of-Grief-Recovery Journey we will explore seven of the most important keys to recovery after your heart has been broken by loss:

Identify Social and Cultural Challenges to Healing Your Heart

We will look at why most of us never learned how to mourn our losses and learn what we need to do to heal.


Develop your Self Care Plan

Together we'll identify the nurturing practices that will help to refresh and sustain you during a stressful transition.

Express Your Emotions

The Stages-of-Grief-Recovery Journey incorporates several tools to help you identify and express what you are feeling about your loss and the life adjustments your loss requires.

Letting Go of the Past

Are there things about the past that make it hard to let go?  We will carefully evaluate your loss or losses to identify and process regrets, guilt and painful memories that make it hard to move on. 


Break out of Isolation by Participation

We have a private forum to meet and share our triumphs and struggles.  Participation is the anecdote for isolation. Make new friends who understand what it's like to endure a season of grief.

Adjusting to a Life that has Changed

We'll look at re-establishing your identity without your loved one, or in the face of changes that your loss brought to your life.

Casting a Vision for the Future

Part of the transition to the future is making space for the new things that are coming.  Together we will learn how to participate in shaping the future, even when you are dealing with a future that  doesn't look like you originally imagined.

In this Stages-of-Grief-Recovery Journey I will help you explore your loss so that you can identify specifically
 where your pain is coming from (ie. guilt, unfinished business, regret, disturbing scenes in your mind of a loved one's death-whether real or imagined), and release any especially heavy burdens your heart is carrying. 

As your coach in the Stages of Grief Recovery Journey, I want you to know that I too have been tested and tried by life's many losses over the past 20 years.

· Mourning the death of my step-mom who raised me, who died just 2 months after a cancer diagnosis at 57-years old

· Losing a community & church family due to a relocation more than once

· Changes in family roles and responsibilities

· Going back to work and school after caring for elderly relatives for 12 years

· Experiencing the deaths of these relatives who loved me and were a safe haven for me

· Facing challenging health problems

· Investing my heart in the life of a foster child who was later placed in another home

· Longing for dreams that were dashed and hopes that were deferred

Many of these losses happened while I was being trained for a career in mental health.  I was astounded that none of my training included how to deal with grief. I had no clue if I was "doing it right", and I suspected I wasn’t because I felt so horrible. 


When I sought out training on how to help people through grief, I learned that the loss that brings us to seek help is not usually our first loss.   


Grief is cumulative.  When we are experiencing a major loss if often brings up the emotions of passed unresolved grief. 


Later, when I led groups for women in a residential recovery home, many of them discovered for the first time that their substance use started within one to two years after a major loss event in their formative years that was never resolved.


As a result of my own journey through many different experiences of grief, the training that I have received to negotiate the minefield of emotions, and my experience helping others, I am delighted to offer you this opportunity to join the Stages-of-Grief-Recovery Journey to share with you the shortcuts I have learned to healing a broken heart.


You CAN be intentional about your grieving process.  Just as you would be deliberate about seeking medical attention for a broken arm so that the bones are set right, I will help you embrace your grief journey by sharing the secrets and shortcuts to healing your heart, sooner rather than later.

 It is a MYTH that "Time heals all wounds."  

It is only to the extent that we give our hearts the attention we need to process the extent of our loss, that we can move through grief with a heart that is open for a new future.

Will you allow me to be your coach and join you for this journey?

I help people who've experienced loss and grief grow through major life transitions to experience greater joy and freedom by making peace with the past so they can embrace their future with renewed purpose and hope.

I'm like a personal trainer for your overwhelmed heart.

What does the Stages of Grief Recovery Journey include?

Begins September 22 - December 15, 2015

1.  Six group teleconference calls (2 per month)

7:00 pm ET on Tuesdays.  Replays will be available if you can't make it at that time.

  • 1 group call each month will be for instruction
  • 1 group call will be for coaching and Q & A

2. Three one-on-one private coaching sessions with Debbra (45-min) by phone or webcam.  You can decide whether to schedule all three calls in the first three weeks of the program (if you choose the full-pay option), or spread them out over the three months.

3.  Private, encrypted online portal to access your Stages of Grief Recovery Journey module materials including

  • handouts
  • videos
  • online journaling
  • send confidential messages to your coach
  • feedback from your coach

4.  Private Online Forum to meet with other participants to share learning, victories and support.

5.  BONUS #1  Module on Grief Journaling ($97 value)

6.  BONUS #2  We'll schedule an additional group call in early November to create your Holiday Plan when dealing with grief.

Risk Free Guarantee

Because I am confident in the value offered in this program, I am backing it with a Risk Free 100% money back guarantee.  If after 30 days, you have participated in the group calls or listened to the replays, and you still find that this training program is not a fit for your needs, I'll refund your payment.

Get immediate access to the Stages-of-Grief-Recovery Journey today

To get immediate access to the program you can use PayPal to make a secure payments for the Stages-of-Grief-Recovery Journey using your PayPal account, credit card or bank account. PayPal keeps your personal information secure. After you complete payment you will be directed to a new webpage to create your login in for the online program portal so you can get started right away.

Pay only $797 when you invest in the Full Pay option today.

Bonus offer:  Sign up by Sept 21 with the full-pay option and get two additional 45-minute private one-on-one coaching sessions during the program (A $250 value).

Or choose three monthly payments of $297 each.

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