Grief Journaling
Free Teleclass

This free teleclass audio is for you if you can answer "yes" to one or more of the questions below:

  1. Do you currently journal?
  2. Have you wondered about the benefits of journaling?
  3. Have you ever begun a journal, but then not stayed with it consistently?
  4. Do you want to journal and wonder how to get started?
  5. Do you wish you had some guidance on how to journal more effectively?
  6. Have you gotten bored with your journal and need to be inspired again?
  7. Do you wonder what to write in a journal?

If you answered "yes" to one or more of the above questions, I would like to invite you to a special teleclass where I will share tips and strategies for using journaling to deal with grief.

Journaling is as simple as answering a question. 

Be sure to have a pen and paper when you listen to this content rich class!  I'll be sharing

  • several of the benefits of journaling
  • how to get started if you don't already have a journaling habit
  • overcoming difficulties with journaling
  • over a dozen journaling prompts to help you get started

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I look forward to hearing your questions or comments.  My passion is to help people who are grieving recovery hope, peace and joy after loss.

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