Stages of Grief Recovery Journey




Have you experienced loss in your journey and desire to get your heart back on solid footing for life?

Has heartbreak taken the wind out of your sails?

Do regrets highjack your memories leading to more sorrow?

Grief is hard. It stresses us out and causes us to lose energy for life.

The pain, heartache, loneliness
 and isolation is bad enough, but then when we are distracted or confused we wonder "
Am I going crazy?

Regrets, guilt, loss of identity
, loss of purpose
 all conspire to steal our hope and joy.

Others don't seem to understand what you need. Sometime 
you, yourself may not know what you need
, except to make the feelings go away.

There is Hope

Yes, it is possible to make peace with the past.

Memories don't have to keep getting hijacked by regret and guilt. There is a way to stop it.

You can release guilt and regret.

It is possible to recreate your life
 after loss.

You can restore hope & peace

You can adjust to your life without a someone close to you and find happiness again.

I would like to help you as a companion for the journey.

My Story

When my stepmom who raised me died suddenly at 57-years-old I felt the wind knocked out of my sails. I lived on the other side of 
the country caring for my elderly in-laws. Each year as holidays came and went I told myself that my 
parents were young and I would have plenty of time to spend with my family later. No one pressured me, but I usually opted to 
spend the special times with my husband's family, "because they may not be here next year." 

My world was rocked when that 
assumption and plan was obliterated.  A few years later I was in graduate school to become a professional therapist when both my 
in-laws died within a year of one another. I was stressed to the max and realized that nothing in my training taught me how to deal 
with grief, for myself, or for my clients. 

Isn't that strange?  I realized that almost everyone I saw for counseling had some element of 
grief in their life that contributed to their pain. And I didn't have a clue about how to help them.  And most therapists have not been
 trained how to effectively help those who are grieving. 

I was in a used bookstore one day when a book "jumped off the shelf" called "The Grief Recovery Handbook: The Action Program 
for Moving Beyond Death, Divorce, and Other Losses including Health, Career, and Faith".  I discovered that there are specific steps 
that help release the pain so that my heart could heal. As I took these steps, I was amazed at the burdens that lifted off my shoulders.

I had greater peace within myself that positively impacted my other relationships. 

In this six-month Stages-of-Grief-Recovery Journey I will help you take those steps so you can identify specifically
 where your pain is coming from and release the burdens your heart is carrying.  As a result of this program you will be able to:

  • learn the truth about grief and its role in recovery

  • better understand your emotions and how to express and process them for optimal benefits

  • identify and resolve painful memories associated with your loss

  • release regrets

  • make the most of your positive memories

  • gain a greater sense of peace with your loss

  • learn to adjust your life to the changes the loss has caused
  • evaluate and establish your identity given your new circumstances

  • explore vision for your life after loss

Who is the Stages-of-Grief-Recovery Journey for?

People who have experienced loss of any kind:

  • Death of a spouse or partner
Relationship break-up

  • Death of a parent

  • Death of a child

  • Loss of a job/career
Move to a new community
Any of 40 different kinds of losses

What will I gain through this program?

While some of the basic information about grief, its effects, and its release will be the same for many types of grief, your coaching
 program will be tailored specifically to your needs through your one-on-one coaching with me.

  • Opportunity to express the emotions of your loss
Dealing with guilt and regret
Identifying trauma
Releasing pain
Learning to move forward

  • Create a vision for your new identity after loss

  • Learn a new way to face your fears and tragedy
Learn to experience and manage a greater depth of emotional spectrum

  • Experience a greater level of self expression

  • Open your heart and deepen relationships

  • Developing your supportive community
Develop greater empathy and compassion for others who are hurting

  • Grow in Gratitude
Learn forgiveness, and how to release the painful debts others have caused
  • Experience freedom in your soul and spirit

  • Grow in your own resilience to stress
Develop wisdom as your experience life and loss

When is the program? What does it include?

  • You can begin the 6 month Stages-of-Grief-Recovery Journey at any time - Your program is tailored to your needs
  • Twice a month teleseminar - a recording available if you are not available for the scheduled call

  • Twice a month individual coaching session with your Grief Recovery Coach

  • Opportunities for email coaching

  • Private community forum solely for members

  • Weekly call-in hours to answer your questions

What is the investment?

For less than the price of professional therapy, you will have a trained professional working with you to walk with you during this healing process.

Many grief support groups and even counseling will provide a place for you to talk about your grief, but the Stages-of-Grief-Recovery
 Journey will help you take the specific steps you need to move on after loss in your life.  
I have invested thousands of hours and tens of thousands of dollars learning how to best help people heal from loss. 
I am ready to share with you how to make that journey to healing.

Your time investment is about 2-6 hours per month, for coaching, listening to teleclasses (or the recordings) and completing assignments. 

The monthly enrollment fee is $249 per month for the 6-month program.

Special: For the FIRST SIX members, the fee will be only $199 per month.

That's a savings of $300 off the entire program.

Enroll today to take advantage of this limited time discount for the grand opening of the Stages-of-Grief-Recovery Journey. 


Bonus #1:  Grief and the Holidays Audio

Bonus #2: Grief Journaling Audio

Learn more about how to journal to effectively support your emotions. This audio contains tons of content and journaling prompts to help you get started.

I am so confident that you will experience hope and breakthrough during this program that I am offering a 100% money back
guarantee.  If, by the end of your first 30 days, you have not begun to experience your breakthrough, feel free to email me for a full 
refund of your first month's membership fee.

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