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Professional Counseling Available in
the Metro Detroit Area.

Debbra Bronstad, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist provides counseling for men, women and couples in the Detroit Metropolitan area, in Oakland County and Macomb County.

If you are not located in or near the Detroit area, you may be interested in grief recovery coaching in which educational sessions for grief recovery take place over the phone. Call Debbra today at 248-929-5354 for a free consultation session to discuss the best options for your needs and location.

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Image Grieving With Grace 8-week Workshop: Releasing Guilt, Regret and Fear

The upcoming Grieving with Grace Workshop provides a safe, supportive community for Christian women to process grief and it's conflicting emotions.  Join Debbra Bronstad for this 8-week online workshop to address guilt, regret, worries, anxiety, fear, anger and more as you adjust to life after loss. 

Click here to learn more.