Coaching Offer for 2013

What are your goals...?

  • Greater emotional freedom from grief
  • Getting over a relationship break-up
  • Improved motivation and accountability for something you've told yourself for months (or years) that you would do
  • Improved communication in a relationship
  • Getting past the disappointments so you can create a new vision
  • Moving on in life past a place where you have been stuck
  • Letting go of resentment and bitterness

I help people manage the obstacles in life, to see them as stepping stones to the desire you have within you to achieve.

Often the area of greatest struggle is the place where your calling and destiny arises from.

Do you want to better understand the challenges you have faced?

Do you want to truly experience them as making you stronger and wiser and even grateful?

I'd like to inspire your renewed hope and passion for the dreams you have carried. 

What is holding you back from the life you really want?

Has your faith in God been shaken by tragedy, conflict, or trials? Do you wonder how there can be a victory through all of this?

I understand the despair and pain of disappointment, grief and loss. In some areas I've had to update my dreams to deal with reality where maybe my plan for my life wasn't God's plan. In other areas of my life I am now, finally receiving what I've hoped for many years.  Along the way I drew strength from coaches who helped me to keep my situation in perspective and trust God, even when I was hurt and angry at Him.

Can I help you find hope again? Can I walk with you during a season of your journey?

For the month of January I am offering a discount on multi-session coaching packages.

But how do I know if I want to work with you?

Please give me a call at 805-242-3569 or fill out the contact form below. It is best for us to have a conversation by phone before making any big decisions. I'd like to find out what your needs are and share with you what I can do to support you in your journey. Then you can decide with no pressure or obligation.

If you decide you want to take advantage of this special offer, I'll give you a link back to this page to place your order.

The discounted coaching packages of four, eight or twelve sessions are only available through this page and must be purchased by midnight Pacific time January 31, 2013.