90-Day Marriage Rescue  Package

Thank you for your interest in the 90-Day Marriage Rescue Package.  As you invest in improving your marriage, your coach, Debbra Bronstad, an experienced Marriage and Family Therapist, will be your guide along the way to help you:

  • change negative patterns of interacting
  • increase respect
  • increase affection
  • increase intimacy
  • remove communication barriers that create a feeling of stuckness in conflict situations
  • have a better kind of conversation about the things that matter
  • repair and resolve past hurts
90-Day Marriage Rescue Pkg
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Life transitions can create stress and conflict when partners make assumptions about each other's needs or desires.  These natural changes in the life cycle can bring changes to one's desires, hopes, needs and dreams for the future. Assumptions that one or both of you had at one stage of life may need updating with your partner as you progress through time together.

In addition, if there has been any breaking of trust between you, there are specific steps to make repairs that your coach can help you with.  Most couples are not prepared for how to effectively repair their relationship after one or both partners get wounded in conflict discussions or betrayal (emotional, financial, social, physical, etc).  Over time these wounds fester and get reopened no matter how hard you try to move forward.  You can learn the skills to repair the most painful episodes in your relationship.  Let me show you how.

The first 6-8 sessions are recommended to occur weekly to see the most benefit in your relationship.  After that you and your coach can discuss scheduling the pace of sessions in accordance with your needs. 

With limited availability, in person sessions are available on Thursdays in my Rochester Hills office. All other sessions are conducted online by video. It is best if you are both in the same location, have privacy, and are free from distractions from children, pets, phones, work, etc.  

I offer this therapy as a package to work with couples who are committed to the process of learning new skills for communication and building trust in their relationships.  Practicing new skills for effective change takes time and effort.  Together we will troubleshoot to make these researched-based skills work in your life and relationship.

Cost:  $1950  Contact me with questions or to get started at the link below:

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I look forward to working together with you to create a better relationship.

Have questions?  Contact Debbra Bronstad, LMFT at (248) 929-5354.

What's included in the 90-Day Marriage Rescue Package?

The 90-Day Marriage Rescue Package includes:

An online Marriage Assessment Questionnaire to accelerate and deepen the assessment process

13 sessions of marriage therapy and coaching including:

  • Assessment  Comprehensive interviews of the couple and each partner
  • Follow up Sessions to improve communication, work through specific conflict areas, improve intimacy, increase respect and resolve past wounds
  • Expert Relationship Interventions using Gottman Couples Therapy and other modalities

Bonus Material

  • Review Videos and Worksheets available on demand 24/7 to reinforce what you are learning in sessions
69% of what couples argue about are unsolvable problems

Frequently Asked Questions

1.  Can we use our insurance to pay for the Marriage Rescue Package?

Unfortunately, no.  This package is offered only as a private pay option.

2.  How long are the sessions?

Each session is 50-60 minutes.

3.  Where are the sessions conducted? Can we come to the office?

In-office sessions are available in Rochester Hills on Thursdays during the day.  All other scheduled sessions are provided online by video.

4.  Do we have to complete the program in 3 months?

While the package includes 13 sessions, they are not required to be used within 3 months.  Many couples find their relationship has improved a great deal before using all the sessions.  If you are successfully implementing the communication and relationship tools on your own, later sessions can be spread out for check-ins and intervention, as needed, up to 6 months later.

Other questions?  Contact Debbra at (248) 929-5354.  When you leave your message, be sure to mention you are interested in the Marriage Rescue Package.

Tell Me How to Get Started

Let's see if we would be a good fit to work together
for the 90-Day Marriage Rescue Package

Many licensed professional therapists work with couples, but not all have specific training for what makes relationships work. As a therapist, I have received advanced training for working with couples for marriage counseling to help them communicate better around conflict issues.  I use Gottman Method Couples Therapy to assess and treat couples who want to improve the quality of their relationship.  You can learn more about me and my background and training here.

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