Free Grief Relief Teleclass

Are you grieving the loss of a loved one?  Have there been losses that  you struggle to overcome?  Do you wonder when you will feel normal again?

Unresolved grief can take a toll on your quality of life, your responsibilities and your relationships. Eventually this can create even more problems.

For a limited time you can access the replay:

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Join Debbra Bronstad, Grief Recovery Coach, for this 47 minute call with tips for grief recovery to help you re-establish equilibrium in your life again.

I’ll talk about the process of grief recovery so you can create a plan for healing.

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How to Work with Debbra

Take your next steps in counseling, coaching or grief recovery in the office or by phone or Skype.

Call me at 805-242-3569 for a complimentary 20-minute consultation where we can discuss your Grief Recovery Plan and the best options for your needs and location.

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