Free Grief Journaling Teleclass

Friday, May 11, 2012 at 9:00 am Pacific Time

The teleclass is over, but you can click here to listen to the replay.

In this teleclass you will learn a variety of ways to write or journal for dealing with grief and to accelerate your emotional healing from all kinds of losses, such as:

  • loss of a spouse
  • loss of a child
  • relationship break-up or divorce
  • traumatic loss
  • loss of a sibling
  • loss of a parent
  • life disappointments
  • job or career loss
  • foreclosure or move
  • loss of health, mobility or independence

    Click on the Video for a Personal Invitation

    Journaling has many Benefits:

  • Processing emotions
  • Even if no one else will listen, your journal will
  • Space for personal reflection
  • Reducing stress
  • Understanding the past
  • Spiritual growth
  • Increasing gratitude
  • Planning
  • Releasing painful emotions
  • Evaluating progress
  • Clarifying feelings about the present or the past
  • Identifying personal goals and dreams
  • Making meaning out of painful experiences
  • Self discovery

  • In this Teleclass

    You will learn how to use a journal to more effectively to process your pain and feel better sooner.

    I will share how to use a number of different types of journaling to help you get started or to revitalize your current journaling efforts.

    You will learn how to use a journal to help you release pent up emotional energy around anxiety, sadness, anger, impatience, frustration, guilt and more. Click here to listen to the replay.

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